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Eberron the Journal

The trouble with Kobolds
Giant Owl
Written by War-Forged

Our return journey back through the cogs and to the surface of Sharn proved to be uneventful. Fortunate perhaps as I was still badly damaged and most of the others were injured to some degree. Upon reaching the surface the others returned to their respective abodes; Nev returning to his home in Overlook in Upper Dura, Toryil to the temple of the Undying Court in Shae Lias, Freiya and Altera had found accommodation in inns called the Horse and Hearth and the Crystal Clasp respectively. Durlin meanwhile returned to his quarters in the Morgrave University and didn't seem to object to me basing myself there as well.

Over the next few days, in amongst Durlin's studies, Toryil's work and whatever it is the others do to occupy their time, the group set about selling the items we had recovered from the lair of the Queen. Fraiya seemed to do a fair job in raising our funds; enough to makes us 166 Galifers each. With this money I purchased a new Repair Kit and gave Durlin 100 Galifers to create 3 repair scrolls should I require them in future. Durlin also suggested we visit a church of the Sovereign Host to repair the effects of the Dolgaunt's life sapping attacks. They could supply us with a scroll to remove the effects for 60 Galifers with an additional 6 Galifers to cast the scroll on us. As none of us seemed able to use them, myself, Durlin and Altera stumped up the 66 Galifers required. Perhaps another sign of my heritage the scrolls effects seemed to be so